ElastosTrade is an industry leading decentralized asset management company with a unique investment structure that has kept us running since 2019. Our investment focus; AGRO IMPORT/EXPORT, NFTs and FOREX. The choice of trading assets is in line with the ideas that guide our investment process: Honest research, scientific analysis, key performance indicators, and risk elimination.

We leverage the blockchain system of decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO) to adequately transform investment from a centralised third-party system to a consensus investment scheme. At the end of every investment year, our community comes together to suggest and vote on a suitable investment venture. Our highly professional team selected by the community, then scrutinises selected ventures to derive a working investment formula which meets the financial capacity of each voting member in the community. Current Investment Ventures Minimum Deposit : $10 Daily Profit : 8.1% - 10.3%

Our Features


Mutiple Range of Trading

We trade forex and CFDs on stock indices, commodities, stocks, metals and energies.



Trading begins immediately a plan is selected.



Choose the amount to withdraw and receive it instantly



After contract is expired, the initial investment will be returned to you.


No more fees

No further maintenance fee, withdrawal fee or hidden fees.


Stable profit

Professional team will take charge of Trading Account. Your investment profit is secured.